Sprinters Vs Joggers – Who is Leaner?

So here’s a concept for you. I’m willing to bet that in your lifetime you’ve seen plenty of overweight joggers, and probably never an overweight sprinter (I’m talking sprinters who are actually half decent!). Ever wondered why this is? I’d bet it probably never crossed your mind but now you’re thinking about it you’re realising I’m right. […]

Eating ‘Clean’

Eating ‘clean’ is a phrase banded about a lot in modern day society and there are a lot of benefits to it. The concept is basically that you take the raw ingredients and create your meals rather than use the processed ‘ready meals’ that so commonly make up our meal times. The simple benefits are […]

Carbohydrates and Fat Loss – Debunking the Myths

 Carbohydrates have a very mixed reputation in the health and fitness industry and are usually the bugbear of many a person trying to lose weight, whilst the truth is that the term ‘carbohydrates’ is a very broad label that can’t just be banded about as loosely as it is. Starting very simply carbohydrates provide our […]