Upon payment you will receive a very brief questionnaire and contact details. Simply fill out the questionnaire and send it to the provided email address. The answers you give will then be used to tailor your plan and SwiftPT will have your new plan with you within 7 days (usually within a day or two realistically!) It’s as simple as that.



A 28 day exercise plan which is completely flexible around your work and lifestyle. Depending on your circumstances your personalised plan will include

  Sessions that you can do at home in under 30 minutes with minimal space and no equipment.

  Sessions that you can do at home in under 30 minutes using any equipment you already have (such as hand weights)

  Sessions that you can do in the gym (if you have gym access)

All sessions are easy to follow with picture demonstrations

Using the most effective training methods with proven results to reduce body fat and sculpt your physique.



You will be provided with a personalised nutrition plan that will hit all of your energy needs and speed up fat loss without any ‘crash diets’ or calorie counting.

»  Over 50 quick and easy recipes provided, and guidelines on how to build your own fat busting meals using pretty much any ingredients you fancy, providing you complete control over your meal choices.

»  Lifestyle advice that provides small tweaks instead of dramatic dietary overhauls, along with why they work. Including some personal tips and tricks.

»  Full in depth explanation of the nutrition and lifestyle advice so you understand every aspect of what you are doing.

»  No calorie counting or crash diets.



All exercises and stretches in your plan fully detailed (as well as some extras for after your 28 days) with explanations as to why and how they are performed, along with full demonstration photos.

Access to SwiftPT’s Youtube account with clear video demonstrations of all the exercises used. Take a look here.



The ability to contact me directly with any questions you may have.

Access to social media support and SwiftPT group to keep you motivated and in contact with like-minded  individuals.



 SwiftPT Transformation Beth Before and After front view  SwiftPT Transformation Lisa Before and After side view

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Swift Lean Fat Loss Plan
Swift Lean Fat Loss Plan