How a ‘Diet’ Should Be…

All too often in modern day society people get hooked on a fad diet, being honest we’ve all been there at one point in time, eating barely anything trying to chase the body of our dreams only to find we lose a few pounds, get fed up with that way of living and yo-yo our weight back to where it came from! Pair that with certain diets (won’t name names) that categorise food groups as ‘sins’ and constant conflicting reports as to what’s SwiftPT exercise and Nutrition plans Vegetableshealthy and what isn’t in the news and it’s no wonder we struggle to achieve our body goals!

The solution to most of this is quite simply a change of mind set and it’s actually a very simple concept. The SwiftPT plans are based around fuelling your body correctly for its needs but doing it in a way that increases fat loss.

The human body requires food to survive and undergo its everyday activities, too often people believe that starvation (missing a meal here and there) will help to drop body weight and the fact of the matter is that this simply isn’t true. Missing meals and entering periods of starvation actually puts the human body into a sort of storage mode meaning you simply won’t achieve your weight loss goals, it may well work for a couple of days here and there but it is not sustainable and the body will soon catch on with what you’re doing and try to keep hold of its body fat, and what’s more when you do then eat the body holds onto it even more tightly, making the problem even worse.

SwiftPT exercise and nutrition plans meal idea 2Similar to this we need fuel in our body to build muscle, the more muscle we have the greater the number of calories we burn in a day (even when we’re just sat around doing nothing!) and when I say build muscle I don’t mean looking like a bodybuilder, I mean simply having a bit more tone and definition all over your body. Therefore we need to eat properly to build muscle and accelerate fat loss!

For these reasons (and many others) the solution to lose body fat is to fuel the body properly with the right combination of fats, protein and carbohydrates. All too often the media will slate carbohydrates or fats, telling you that they alone are the cause of the nation’s fat gain. This simply isn’t true, no food group will ‘make you fat’ when eaten in the right proportions, the problem we have as a species is an incorrect relationship with food where we don’t actually know how much we need and what it should comprise of! The SwiftPT plans address this on an individual level, pinpointing how much food you really need, pairing it with effective training methods and shedding body fat whilst allowing the client to eat properly.

The result of all this is a plan that provides people with a ‘diet’ that is not a diet in the conventional sense, I encourage you to eat more food (in the form of 3 meals a day and snacks) but in the right amounts and at the right times to compliment your training whilst fitting seamlessly into your day to day life. The result of this is an education and most importantly a plan that is sustainable for the rest of your life, essentially a fat loss plan that allows you to happily and comfortably get to your goal weight and stay there!

The results? Great looking and delicious meals that actually results in brilliant fat loss results! A lot of these meals actually have accompanying recipe videos that can be found on the SwiftPT social media platforms. If you’re interested then see the links for Instagram/Facebook/Twitter below!


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