Eating ‘Clean’

Eating ‘clean’ is a phrase banded about a lot in modern day society and there are a lot of benefits to it. The concept is SwiftPT exercise and Nutrition plans Vegetablesbasically that you take the raw ingredients and create your meals rather than use the processed ‘ready meals’ that so commonly make up our meal times. The simple benefits are that we avoid a lot of nasty additives, sugars and chemicals that hinder our ability to lose fat whilst also being able to accurately measure what we actually put into our body.

Admittedly it’s a lot easier said than done, to all intents and purposes eating ‘clean’ would mean making things like pasta from scratch which in everyday life we just don’t have time for. Therefore we need to understand which food types are acceptable to take as they are and which we should avoid.  The general rule as I see it is to use things like breads, rice and pasta as they are and everything else can be made very easily and much more healthily from scratch. With regards to the breads, rice and pasta I would advise wholemeal versions of all three as they have a much kinder effect on the body. The exception to this rule would be protein shakes if and when you ever use them, whilst they are not strictly eating ‘clean’ they do sometimes have their uses. Ultimately the concept of eating ‘cleaner’ is a better and more sustainable outlook than just trying to eat ‘completely clean’!

When it comes to making meals I tend to decide what to eat depending on what training has been done that day. If I take a day off I would try and limit the amount of carbohydrates I eat during the day as a whole and especially towards the end of the day. Whilst on a training day I would advise meals rich in carbohydrates all through the day. The reasoning here is that after exercise carbohydrate stores need replenishing, whilst on an off day they don’t need ‘topping up’ as much! Having said this there is absolutely nothing wrong with having carbohydrate rich meals every day of the week as you can still lose body fat whilst eating carbohydrates. The key to fat loss is in the amount of calories (and how many of these calories are made from carbohydrates) we eat in a day which is described fully in the full SwiftPT Guides.

SwiftPT exercise and Nutrition plans MeatClean eating is well worth paying attention to and learning about, there are many excuses for not seeing it through, ranging from cost to available time, however I don’t feel you can put a cost on your health and fat loss goals, and I’m hopefully able to prove to you that clean food is just as quick and easy as those fast food alternatives! I never used to enjoy cooking and always took the easy routes, however a better understanding of my food and body functions has led me to thoroughly enjoy cooking ‘cleaner’, and I genuinely feel an awful lot better for it! I hope you enjoy my meal ideas shared through social media (Follow the links at the top of the page) and reap the benefits for yourselves too!

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Example Meal Idea