SwiftPT – A New Dawn

Swiftpt Personal Training and Nutrition programmes - David SwiftFirstly welcome to my SwiftPT website, I hope you’re well! I decided to launch this business venture in August 2014, the aim, to help and inspire people to achieve their health and fitness goals, by providing nutrition and exercise plans that work!


Post London 2012 the motto within the UK has been to inspire a generation and this very much continues to this day, I was unlucky in my pursuit of an Olympic spot at the consequent Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics however I am now in the midst of pushing on to representation at 2018 instead. Critical to this next 4 years is this concept of inspiring a generation, as an athlete representing our country UK Sport and the National Lottery are keen for me to continue this attitude by attending schools, educating people and giving back to the communities that have in many cases given an awful lot in getting me to where I am today. I hope also to go one better, to inspire and help lead people in their health, exercise and fitness goals.


The path that has led me to where I am today has given me great insight and fantastic learning opportunities within multiple health and fitness settings and I am looking to pass this on in my exercise, lifestyle and nutrition guides to all of you! Achieving your goals is never down to chasing a fad, there is never any silver bullet for success. What does work is sticking to a tried, tested and proven method over a decent stretch of time. My programmes are 12 weeks in length as this is more than adequate in achieving fantastic results, in fact in many cases people notice real differences after only a couple of weeks. Whatever your situation SwiftPT can help you and I would love to welcome you to being part of the team, so take a look around and make that first conscious decision to start chasing down that goal!


This is just the beginning of many great things ahead…

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